All Tender Notices of Bangladesh

Tender process of government procurement in Bangladesh is regulated by Public Procurement Rules 2008 and Public Procurement Act 2006.

What is PPR 2008?
All the government organisations of Bangladesh now follows a common system regulated by PPR 2008 and PPA 2006. All the public procuring entities follow the common rules and process which is know as PPR 2008 i.e. Public Procurement Rules 2008. PPR 2008 was formulated under PPA 2006 i.e. Public Procurement Act 2006. PPA 2006 was passed in the parliament in 2006. Both the PPR 2008 and PPA 2006 were enacted from 31st January 2008 which replaced Public Procurement Regulations 2003 (PPR 2003).
Before enactment of PPR and PPA, each government organisation was following their own system for tender processing. So that was difficult for the contractors to follow. They had to learn the procedure of each office where they want to participate in tender process. PPR 2008 has created a level playing field for all the contractors, suppliers and consultants.

Basic features of PPR 2008 are following: Introduction of e-procurement system known as e-GP portal is a great success of PPR.
~ Frequently used acronyms of PPR 2008.
~ Definitions of the terminologies of PPR 2008.
~ Tips for writing Technical Specifications of Goods.

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