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Authorization and Declaration sample letter for Sole Proprietor enterprise for use with eGP tender and manual tender.

(Use Letterhead Pad of your organisation)
Authorization and Declaration
I undersigned --------------(NAME)------------------, sole proprietor of -------(ORGANIZATION and ADDRESS)------------------------ hereby declare that I am the only proprietor of ---------------(ORGANIZATION)------------------------, I have no other partner. I personally take care all the financial and administrative activities of this organization. I am the only person legally empowered to sign any tender and contract on behalf of -----(ORGANIZATION)-------.

My national ID number is ----------------(NID No.)----------------------- and my Tax Identification number (TIN) is --------------(TIN No.)-------------------------. VAT registration number of -----(ORGANIZATION)------- is ---------------------(VAT Reg no.)-----------------------. My phone number is ------------(Phone no.)-------------- and my email address is -------------(Email)----------------.

I hereby declare that I have legal capacity to enter into a contract for the purpose of this tender. I am not debarred to participate in this tender. I am not declared as bankrupt by any court. -----(ORGANIZATION)------- is not in receivership.

Thanking you.


Click here to Download MS Word file (.docx file format) of this sample letter for Authorization and Declaration of Sole Proprietorship organisation.
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