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eGP Tender ID: 782824; Goods (NCT)
APP ID: 188718; District: Dhaka
Package Title: Supply of Uniforms & Liverisee for the Technical Team and Others for NOCS Banasree,DPDC.
Organization: Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC)
Procuring Entity: Superintending Engineer, NOCS Circle, Basaboo
Procurement Method: Open Tendering Method (OTM)
IFT Published on: 2023-01-29 10:14:00
Document last selling: 2023-02-13 15:00:00
Closing / Opening: 2023-02-13 15:20:00
Brief Description of Package: Supply of Uniforms & Liverisee for the Technical Team and Others for NOCS Banasree,DPDC
Tender Document Price: Tk. 1000; Tender Security: 7500 BDT
Official Cost Estimate (Prediction):
* Since document price is Tk. 1000, estimated cost should be less than or equal 50 lacs BDT.
* Tender Security can be maximum 3% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost is more than Tk. 250000.
* Tender Security is normally more than 1% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost should be less than 750000 BDT.
Thus, Official Cost Estimate should be BDT. 250000 ~ 750000.

Eligibility criteria:
1. Tenderer shall have the general experience as supplier shall be over a period of last 2 years.
2. A satisfactory completion of similar works of at least Tk.2 (Two) lakh under a single contract successfully completed within the period of 3 years shall be required.
3. The required average annual turnover of similar nature works must be greater than Tk.2.0 (Two ) lakh over the last 2 years.
4. The minimum amount of liquid assets or working capital or credit facilities of the Tenderer shall be Tk.2.0 (Two) lakh only.
5. All other terms and conditions will be as given in the Tender Document.
6. The Conditions started in DPDC Memo No. 87.405.414.00.00034.2009.78 Date: 29/08/2017 must comply.
Location of work / delivery: NOCS Banasree
Budget Type: Own Fund
Category: Occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories; Clothing and accessories; Outerwear; Garments; Clothing and accessories; Special clothing and accessories; Leather clothes; Clothing and accessories; Furs and articles of fur; Occupational clothing; Special workwear; Workwear accessories; Coats; Weatherproof clothing; Miscellaneous outerwear; Underwear; Shirts and nightwear; T-shirts; Special clothing; Clothing accessories; Hats and headgear; Fasteners; Leather clothing accessories; Fur articles; Furs
PE Address: Taltala Jheelpar, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219., City: Dhaka, Thana: Khilgaon, District: Dhaka - 1219, Country: Bangladesh,

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