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eGP Tender ID: 775124; Goods (NCT)
APP ID: 187413; District: Dhaka
Package Title: Supply Of Uniform & Liveries for 16 Employees of NOCS Jigatola, DPDC
Organization: Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC)
Procuring Entity: Superintending Engineer, NOCS Circle, Dhanmondi
Procurement Method: Open Tendering Method (OTM)
IFT Published on: 2023-01-11 09:30:00
Document last selling: 2023-01-26 12:00:00
Closing / Opening: 2023-01-26 15:00:00
Brief Description of Package: Supply Of Uniform & Liveries for 16 Employees Under NOCS Jigatola, DPDC
Tender Document Price: Tk. 1000; Tender Security: 3000 BDT
Official Cost Estimate (Prediction):
* Since document price is Tk. 1000, estimated cost should be less than or equal 50 lacs BDT.
* Tender Security can be maximum 3% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost is more than Tk. 100000.
* Tender Security is normally more than 1% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost should be less than 300000 BDT.
Thus, Official Cost Estimate should be BDT. 100000 ~ 300000.

Eligibility criteria:
1. Tenderer will have the experirnce in similar nature of goods supply of a minimum value of Tk. 1,00,000.00 ( One lac ) only under a single contract over a period of three (03) years .
2. The required average annual turnover is tk. 150,000.00 (One Lac fifty thousand ) over the last three (03) years .
3. All other terms and conditions are given in the Tender Document.
4. Tenderer shall have liquid Asset of Tk. 150,000.00
5. The bidder will have to repine. if any, to PE by hard copy about the tender at least before 10 days of Tenderer/Proposal Document last selling/downloading Date.
Location of work / delivery: NOCS, Jigatola, DPDC
Budget Type: Own Fund
Category: Special clothing; Special clothing and accessories; Clothing accessories; Protective footwear; Footwear;
PE Address: Sher-E-Bangla Nagar 33/11 KV Sub-station Bhaban (3rd Floor),, City: Dhaka, Thana: Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, District: Dhaka - 1207, Country: Bangladesh,

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