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eGP Tender ID: 767304; Goods (NCT)
APP ID: 185230; District: Dhaka
Package Title: Procurement of Kit Bag
Organization: Bangladesh Ansar & Village Defence Party
Procuring Entity: Provision Branch
Procurement Method: Open Tendering Method (OTM)
IFT Published on: 2022-12-15 09:00:00
Document last selling: 2022-12-29 16:00:00
Closing / Opening: 2023-01-01 15:00:00
Brief Description of Package: Procurement of Kit Bag
Tender Document Price: Tk. 1000; Tender Security: 20000 BDT
Official Cost Estimate (Prediction):
* Since document price is Tk. 1000, estimated cost should be less than or equal 50 lacs BDT.
* Tender Security can be maximum 3% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost is more than Tk. 666666.
* Tender Security is normally more than 1% of Official Cost Estimate. So estimated cost should be less than 2000000 BDT.
Thus, Official Cost Estimate should be BDT. 666666 ~ 2000000.

Eligibility criteria:
As Per TDS
Location of work / delivery: DPC Store AnsarVDP HQ
Budget Type: Revenue
Category: Clothing and accessories; Occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories; Occupational clothing; Special workwear; Workwear accessories; Outerwear; Coats; Weatherproof clothing; Miscellaneous outerwear; Garments; Underwear; Shirts and nightwear; T-shirts; Special clothing and accessories; Special clothing; Clothing accessories; Hats and headgear; Fasteners; Leather clothes; Leather clothing accessories; Furs and articles of fur; Fur articles; Furs; Second-hand clothing
PE Address: Ansar & VDP HQ, Khilgaon, Dhaka, City: Dhaka, Thana: Khilgaon, District: Dhaka - 1219, Country: Bangladesh,

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